Customer cases:


Woolshed Baa & Grill, Cork, Ireland

Going into our 12th month and could not be happier!

Not only is Smile Music Bingo great for business, it is also unbelievably fun and everybody can play.

We have had up to 120 players on the best nights!

We saw improved business almost immediately after using Smile Music bingo. Our bar customers are staying longer and spending more money. In addition, guests are socializing with each other more as they comment on and discuss the songs playing.

The software is very user friendly and intuitive: You could teach yourself to use it in mere minutes.

You can’t go wrong with Smile Music Bingo!

- Billy Kirwin, Events Director

Two Sisters Pub Group, Dublin, Ireland

I’m an operator at The two sister pub and we currently have two locations.

We started using Smile Music Bingo, run by Star DJ a few months ago and I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to have Music bingo as a part of our business.

Not only does Smile Music Bingo help us keep customers longer but we also now have the option of planning events 6 months in advance.  

Thank you Smile Music Bingo and Run by Star DJs I don’t know what we would do without you!

- Pub operator, Two Sisters pub

4 Dame Lane, Dublin, Ireland 

After many years in the bar & restaurant business I wish I could have found Smile Music Bingo years ago!

After just a few months of utilizing the game I can say is great!

The ease of installation and setup was flawless. Not only is the visual experience exceptional, the new music each week is impressive.

The customer reaction has been great and we have had extremely positive feedback. 

Smile Music Bingo has been one of the greatest additions to our business! Thank you very much!!

- Bar Manager, 4 Dame Lane

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