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icon_note_red.png What is Smile Music Bingo?

It’s just like regular bingo, but instead of shouting out numbers we play the best songs! Players are given a bingo card where traditional bingo numbers have been replaced with artists and song titles.

There are 4 new rounds of music each week but you can also select your own music for the rounds. These be based on a decade, genre or just a random quirky topic.

Bingo cards are handed out whilst one of our fabulously entertaining hosts or the autopilot on the computer introduce the rules and the Prizes. 

Smile Music Bingo is a fun filled and fast-paced music game show from your screens!

icon_note_red.png How long is one round of Music Bingo?

There are a few things that affect in the length of a round. Length of songs can be adjusted in the game between 20-40 seconds.

Also you can select how long breaks you want to have between the rounds. And of course the number of players and possible "wrong" bingos can affect the duration. 

Rule of thumb would usually be that one round last about 20-30 minutes. So a full night of 4 rounds lasts about 2 hours.  


icon_note_red.png Do I have to commit to a long subcription?


There a different options. You can buy a single event and run only one event of Smile Music Bingo when ever you like, without any commitment.


If you want to run weekly events then it`s cheaper to select a monthly license. In your weekly events you will also get more support to marketing the events. 


icon_note_red.png What I should give out for prizes?


The better the prizes you give away the more excited the guests will be to come back.

 Prizes range from free drinks, 5 value vouchers, 10 value vouchers, Gift Cards, T-shirt’s, Chocolate, Tickets to sporting events or underwear whatever you like.

 There a 4 winners in each round so many players will go home as "a happy winner" and tell their friends about it! 

You can also offer a "rolling" Jackpot in the game if you want. 


icon_note_red.png When should I run Smile Music Bingo? 


If your customers are new to Music Bingo then we recommend that you introduce the game to your customers on a busy night. 

 Then its easier tho move the events to a quiter nights and have the customers coming in weekly. 

 Week after week you will notice that more and more people come and enjoy Smile music bingo. 


icon_note_red.png How do I get customers to the events?


We provide custom marketing materials for your venue. We also help you to select the best day and time to launch the new events.

 Your staff or host will get full training what is the best way to promote events weekly and get new customers coming in. 

 Our customer support is there to help from the day one to reach the full potential of the events.


icon_note_red.png Do I need a host for the events? 

Yes and no. We recommend a professional host to guarantee a high quality event and good atmosphere. But the software is designed with a build in "automated host" option where your Pubs staff can also arrange the events easily. If you want a cost effective solution you can run it without a professional host. 




icon_note_red.png What is needed to run Smile Music Bingo? 


The game can be run by any Windows computer. Of course we recommend that you use a computer that is not a historic relic. 

 All you need is a computer, printer, screens, sound system and a enthutiastic host. If your venue doesnt have screens then the game can be played without the screens also.


icon_note_red.png Is it legal to play with money? 


According to UK gambling comission Bingo can be offered on alcohol licensed premises without an operating licence. However, the games must be for adults only and not be linked with games played on other premises.

Pubs must ensure that no participation fee is charged and they remain within the stake limit of charging a maximum of £5 per person, per game. 

You can read more here: Link

This applies to Pubs in the UK only. 



icon_note_red.png What are the benefits for my Pub?


For low as 15 per round you can increase your customer numbers and sales significantly! Some bars we service claim that Music Bingo night on Wednesday is busier than Saturday night!

 If people are sitting at the bar on our first night, they will end up staying later to join in the fun. They will bring their friends next time and tell everyone they know how much fun they had at your bar.

 The more people that play and stay, the more money you make! Smile Music bingo will pay for itself and increase sales.


icon_note_red.png How do you deal with music copyrights? 


We use only 100% licensed and legal music. We work with each countries local music licensing authorities like PPL and PRS in the UK. We report and pay of all the songs played in Smile Music Bingo. 

The venues that arranges Smile Music Bingo will also need their own music license for backround music from the local music licensing authorities.




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