icon_note_red.png  What if...

...You could turn your Pubs slower nights into the busiest ones

...You could make people stay longer in your Pub?

... You would make new customers and more sales? 

Let us introduce you to a new music entertainment service that makes that possible!


icon_note_red.png " Imagine your events with a full crowd, dancing and singing along! and having the time of their lives! "


icon_note_red.png Now, these days many pubs struggle against low sales and customer averages, our mission is to help Pubs to solve these problems with live events using events and entertainment.



icon_note_red.png According to the UK Beer & Pub associations studies:

 Beer sales in Pubs have decreased over 50% from the year 2000. 

 Also, the tax of a pint has almost doubled and the average price of a pint has risen over 60%



icon_note_red.png To meet your Pubs needs we have spent over 3 years and thousands of hours developing an entertainment service that really works! 

Our recipe is simple: more fun and more smiles create more customers and sales!


icon_note_red.png We combined 2 things that people know and love! 


Great Music with the excitement of Bingo! 


Let us introduce you to: 

Smile Music Bingo!



icon_note_red.png Smile Music Bingo makes it fun!



 Everybody knows Bingo and everybody loves music! 

 Music Bingo is a new type of game that combines both. The traditional bingo numbers are replaced with popular music clips.



icon_note_red.png Here`s how it works:


Instead of normal numbers, we play the best songs that get people jamming and singing along! 


People are handed out game tickets and when a player gets the songs right on their ticket they shout "BINGO!" And we have a Winner!



icon_note_red.png What makes Smile Music Bingo unique?


It is THE ONLY interactive and visual music bingo on the market. We also provide new songs each week designed by professional DJ:s!

 If you like to know more what makes us unique check out the comparison chart. 




icon_note_red.png Smile Music Bingo is designed to solve two problems: 



1. Get more customers and sales to a slow night


2. Get your customers to stay longer (after a quiz or a football match for example)


Boost your sales with Premium Pub Entertainment!
Calculate here how much sales could events bring to your Pub. 

Number of customers per event

Average purchase per customer


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icon_note_red.png Attract young millennials

Based on the experience from over 5000 Music Bingo events most of the players are young females.


icon_note_red.png Join the game at any stage

Different from a quiz you can join the game at any stage of the night! Full music bingo night has 4 rounds and the players can join in at any moment. 



icon_note_red.png According to PRS for music study, uplifting music can increase sales in a pub up to 50%



icon_note_red.png Customer case:


Woolshed Baa & Grill, Cork, Ireland 

 120 players in one night!


Woolshed has had Smile Music Bingo as a weekly event for one year. 


Read more about our customer cases here





icon_note_red.png We provide a full service with everything that you need to run successful events! 


You will get Smile Music Bingo with Weekly added new music, custom marketing materials to get new customers to your events, training for your staff, and much more! 


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PS: There is no risk in trying! Ask us for a free demo!